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Helping our growth for many years.

We have worked with Norango for many years and have always found their services excellent. It has helped our business as we have grown and continues to do so offering invaluable out of office hours cover

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Time to work smarter not harder

Leveraging our range of outbound call centre services can significantly benefit your business in various ways. Norango’s outbound call centre services are designed to help businesses improve customer engagement, increase sales, and gather valuable insights from their customer base. We  offer customizable solutions to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. Here’s how we can help:

1. Increase Sales and Revenue

  • Telemarketing and Sales: Our skilled agents can reach out to potential customers to promote and sell your products or services, driving up your sales and revenue.
  • Upselling and Cross-selling: By contacting your existing customers, we can introduce them to additional products or services they may be interested in, increasing the average value per customer.

2. Enhance Customer Engagement

  • Customer Surveys and Feedback: We conduct surveys to gather valuable feedback from your customers, helping you understand their needs and improve your offerings.
  • Customer Retention and Win-back Campaigns: We proactively engage with your current and former customers to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty, reducing churn and reactivating dormant accounts.

3. Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Appointment Setting: Our team can handle the scheduling of appointments for your sales reps or service providers, ensuring a streamlined process and allowing your team to focus on core activities.
  • Lead Generation: We identify and qualify potential customers, providing your sales team with high-quality leads that are more likely to convert, saving time and resources.

4. Support Marketing Efforts

  • Event Promotion: We help promote your events, webinars, or seminars by reaching out to potential attendees, confirming their participation, and ensuring they have all the necessary details.
  • Market Research: Through targeted surveys and calls, we gather insights on market trends and customer preferences, aiding your strategic planning and marketing efforts.

5. Optimize Cash Flow

  • Debt Collection: Our agents can manage overdue accounts by contacting customers to remind them of their payments and negotiating repayment plans, helping you maintain a healthy cash flow.

6. Expand Market Reach

  • Cold Calling Campaigns: We conduct cold calling campaigns to introduce your business to new markets and customer segments, broadening your reach and increasing brand awareness.

7. Better Customer Relationships

  • Personalized Communication: Our personalized approach in communicating with your customers helps build trust and strong relationships, ensuring a positive customer experience.

8. Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Scalable Services: Our services are scalable to match your business needs, whether you need a small team for a specific campaign or a large team for ongoing support, providing you with cost-effective solutions.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Agents: Our team comprises experienced professionals trained to represent your brand effectively.
  • Customizable Solutions: We tailor our services to meet your specific business goals and requirements.
  • Advanced Technology: We use the latest technology to ensure efficient call handling and data management.
  • Quality Assurance: We maintain high standards of quality and compliance to ensure excellent service delivery.

By partnering with us for your outbound call centre needs, you can focus on your core business activities while we take care of enhancing customer interactions, driving sales, and supporting your growth initiatives.

Typical Scenario: Norango Outbound Call Centre Services
Client: TechSolutions Inc.

TechSolutions Inc. is a growing technology company that offers software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They have a new product, a cloud-based project management tool, and they want to promote it to potential customers. They partner with Norango to conduct an outbound calling campaign aimed at generating leads and setting up product demonstrations.


TechSolutions Inc. aims to:

  1. Generate qualified leads for their new project management tool.
  2. Schedule product demonstrations with interested potential customers.
  3. Gather feedback from initial calls to refine their marketing strategy.
Norango’s Approach
  1. Campaign Planning and Strategy:
    • Target Audience Identification: Norango collaborates with TechSolutions to identify the target audience, focusing on SMEs in specific industries that would benefit from the project management tool.
    • Script Development: Norango creates a calling script designed to introduce the product, highlight its key features, and persuade potential customers to schedule a demo.
    • CRM Integration: TechSolutions provides access to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track interactions and follow-ups.
  2. Training and Preparation:
    • Agent Training: Norango trains their agents on the specifics of TechSolutions’ product, including its unique selling points and common objections.
    • Mock Calls: Agents conduct mock calls to ensure they are well-prepared and confident before the campaign launch.
  3. Campaign Execution:
    • Outbound Calling: Norango begins the outbound calling campaign, reaching out to the targeted list of SMEs.
    • Lead Qualification: Agents qualify leads based on interest level, company size, and decision-making authority.
    • Demo Scheduling: For interested prospects, agents schedule product demonstrations with TechSolutions’ sales team.
  4. Data Collection and Analysis:
    • Call Data Logging: All call details, including outcomes and follow-up actions, are logged in TechSolutions’ CRM.
    • Feedback: Feedback is collected from prospects on their initial impressions, needs and concerns.
  5. Reporting and Refinement:
    • Weekly Reports: Norango provides weekly reports to TechSolutions detailing call outcomes, lead quality, and feedback.
    • Strategy Adjustments: Based on the feedback and initial results, Norango and TechSolutions refine the calling script and targeting criteria.
  1. Lead Generation:
    • The campaign generated 300 qualified leads within the first month.
    • Out of these leads, 150 product demos were scheduled with the TechSolutions sales team.
  2. Sales Pipeline Growth:
    • 30% of the demos led to follow-up meetings, moving prospects further down the sales funnel.
    • TechSolutions closed deals with 20% of the prospects who attended the demos, resulting in a significant increase in their customer base.
  3. Market Insights:
    • Feedback collected during calls provided TechSolutions with valuable insights into potential customers’ needs and preferences.
    • This information helped TechSolutions refine their marketing messages and product positioning.
  4. Operational Efficiency:
    • Norango’s efficient call handling and lead qualification process ensured high productivity.
    • Real-time data integration with TechSolutions’ CRM streamlined the sales process and improved follow-up efficiency.
Challenges and Solutions
  1. Challenge: Initial low response rate from cold calls.
    • Solution: Norango adjusted the calling times and personalized the approach based on initial call feedback, improving the response rate by 20%.
  2. Challenge: Prospects’ reluctance to commit to a demo without more information.
    • Solution: Norango provided agents with additional collateral, such as case studies and whitepapers, to share with prospects during calls.
  3. Challenge: Aligning the outbound calling strategy with TechSolutions’ evolving sales strategy.
    • Solution: Regular strategy sessions between Norango and TechSolutions ensured alignment and allowed for quick adjustments to the campaign as needed.

Norango’s outbound call centre services effectively supported TechSolutions Inc. in launching their new project management tool. The strategic planning, thorough training, and real-time adjustments resulted in a successful lead generation campaign, increased sales pipeline, and valuable market insights. This typical scenario showcases Norango’s capability to deliver targeted, efficient, and impactful outbound calling services, helping clients achieve their business objectives.

Contact centre pricing plans


£29.95 / month

Give your callers a professional first impression and make sure you never miss a call.

  • UK area phone (local) number
  • 25 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)
  • 25 connected (patched transfer) calls

  • 30 days rolling contract
  • Office hours 9 am – 6 pm Mon-Fri

  • 14 days FREE trial

Small Business

£99.95/ month

If you want to extend your opening hours this plan will enable you to support clients 24/7.

  • UK geographical number (your area code)
  • 50 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)
  • 50 connected  (warm transfer) calls

  • 30 days rolling contract
  • 24 hours – 365 days
  • 30 day FREE trial


£499.95 / month

24 hour customer 1st line support or general assistance, resolving issues on the first call.

  • UK geographical number (your area code)
  • 500 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)

  • 75 connected (warm transfer) calls

  • 30 day rolling contract

  • FAQs-knowledge base response

  • Dedicated account manager

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