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Helping our growth for many years.

We have worked with Norango for many years and have always found their services excellent. It has helped our business as we have grown and continues to do so offering invaluable out of office hours cover

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Time to work smarter not harder

Norango’s blended call center services can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your help desk operations. Here are some examples of how this can benefit your organization:

1. Improved Response Times

Scenario: A customer is experiencing a technical issue with your software.


  • 24/7 Availability: Norango ensures that help desk support is available around the clock, so customers can get assistance anytime, reducing downtime and increasing satisfaction.
  • Reduced Wait Times: With a team of skilled agents handling both inbound and outbound calls, customer queries are addressed more swiftly, leading to faster resolutions.

2. Proactive Issue Resolution

Scenario: A new software update has been released, and you anticipate common issues that users might encounter.


  • Outbound Notifications: Norango can proactively call or email customers to inform them about the update, provide troubleshooting tips, and offer assistance, minimizing potential issues before they arise.
  • Follow-Up Calls: After resolving a ticket, Norango can follow up with customers to ensure the solution worked and check for any further issues, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Enhanced Multichannel Support

Scenario: Customers contact the help desk through various channels such as phone, email, and chat.


  • Seamless Integration: Norango’s agents can handle inquiries across multiple channels, ensuring a unified and consistent support experience.
  • Comprehensive CRM Integration: All interactions are logged into your CRM, providing a complete view of customer interactions and enabling more personalized support.

4. Scalable Support for Peak Times

Scenario: Your company experiences seasonal spikes in support requests.


  • Scalability: Norango can scale their support team up or down based on your needs, ensuring that you have the right number of agents during peak times without maintaining an oversized team year-round.
  • Resource Optimization: During slower periods, the same agents can be utilized for outbound calls, such as customer satisfaction surveys or upselling services.

5. Cost-Effective Operations

Scenario: You need to provide high-quality support without significantly increasing operational costs.


  • Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing to Norango can be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house team, as you save on overhead costs related to hiring, training, and infrastructure.
  • Shared Resources: By using a blended approach, the same team can handle both inbound support and outbound initiatives, maximizing agent productivity and reducing costs.

6. Data-Driven Improvements

Scenario: You want to continuously improve your help desk performance based on customer feedback and performance metrics.


  • Detailed Analytics: Norango provides comprehensive performance reports and analytics, helping you identify areas for improvement and measure the effectiveness of your help desk.
  • Customer Insights: Regular feedback collected through outbound surveys can offer valuable insights into customer satisfaction and areas where your product or support can be enhanced.

7. High-Quality Support

Scenario: Your product requires technical expertise for troubleshooting.


  • Expert Agents: Norango’s agents are trained to handle complex technical issues, ensuring that customers receive knowledgeable and effective support.
  • Continuous Training: Ongoing training programs ensure that agents stay updated on the latest product updates and support best practices.

8. Increased Customer Loyalty

Scenario: Providing exceptional support to retain and grow your customer base.


  • Consistent Support Experience: By ensuring customers always have access to knowledgeable support, their experience with your brand is consistently positive.
  • Proactive Engagement: Outbound calls to check in on customer satisfaction and offer assistance with new features or services can strengthen customer relationships and loyalty.

Integrating Norango’s blended call center services with your help desk can lead to significant improvements in customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and cost management, ultimately driving the success and growth of your business.

Norango’s blended call center services can significantly improve your help desk operations and enhance first contact resolution (FCR) rates. Here are specific examples of how this can be achieved:

1. Comprehensive Training for Agents

Scenario: A customer calls with a complex technical issue.


  • Skilled Agents: Norango ensures their agents are thoroughly trained on your products, services, and common issues. This enables agents to resolve problems on the first contact without needing to escalate or call back.

2. 24/7 Availability

Scenario: A customer experiences an issue outside of regular business hours.


  • Always-On Support: With 24/7 support, customers can get help immediately, regardless of the time of day. This reduces wait times and increases the likelihood of resolving issues during the initial contact.

3. Proactive Problem Solving

Scenario: A recurring issue has been identified with your software update.


  • Proactive Outreach: Norango can initiate outbound calls to customers likely affected by the issue, providing them with solutions before they encounter the problem. This preemptive approach often resolves potential issues on first contact.

4. Integrated Knowledge Base

Scenario: A customer calls with a common question that has a documented solution.


  • Access to Information: Norango agents have access to a comprehensive knowledge base that allows them to quickly find and provide solutions to common problems, facilitating first contact resolution.

5. Efficient Call Routing

Scenario: A customer is directed to the wrong department and has to be transferred multiple times.


  • Smart Routing: Norango’s system can intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agent based on the customer’s issue, ensuring that the first agent they speak to is the one who can resolve their problem.

6. Multichannel Support

Scenario: A customer sends an email about an issue but also calls to ensure it’s being addressed.


  • Unified Communication: Norango’s agents handle inquiries across multiple channels (phone, email, chat), ensuring a seamless support experience and preventing customers from having to repeat their issue, thereby increasing the chances of first contact resolution.

7. Detailed CRM Integration

Scenario: A repeat customer calls in with an issue they’ve experienced before.


  • Customer History: Agents have access to detailed customer history through CRM integration, allowing them to see past issues and resolutions. This context helps in resolving current issues more efficiently and on the first contact.

8. Real-Time Support Analytics

Scenario: Identifying bottlenecks in the support process.


  • Performance Monitoring: Norango provides real-time analytics and reporting on support interactions. This data helps in identifying common issues and improving processes to boost first contact resolution rates.

9. Tailored Scripts and Processes

Scenario: A customer needs assistance with a specific, less common feature.


  • Custom Scripts: Norango agents use tailored scripts and predefined processes for different scenarios, ensuring that they can handle even uncommon issues effectively on the first contact.

10. Continuous Improvement Programs

Scenario: Ongoing training and development to keep up with new issues and updates.


  • Agent Development: Regular training and updates for agents ensure they are always equipped with the latest information and techniques to resolve issues promptly, increasing the likelihood of first contact resolution.

11. Feedback Loops

Scenario: Understanding recurring issues to improve product and service offerings.


  • Customer Feedback: By actively collecting and analyzing customer feedback through outbound follow-up calls, Norango helps your business identify and address recurring issues at their source, reducing future incidents and improving FCR rates.

12. High-Quality Technical Support

Scenario: A customer experiences a technical issue that requires in-depth knowledge.


  • Technical Expertise: Norango’s agents are trained in technical support, capable of handling complex technical issues efficiently. This expertise is crucial for resolving issues during the first contact.

By leveraging Norango’s blended call centre services, your help desk can provide more efficient, effective, and customer-centric support, leading to higher first contact resolution rates and overall customer satisfaction.

Typical Scenario: Norango Outbound Call Centre Services
Client: TechSolutions Inc.

TechSolutions Inc. is a growing technology company that offers software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They have a new product, a cloud-based project management tool, and they want to promote it to potential customers. They partner with Norango to conduct an outbound calling campaign aimed at generating leads and setting up product demonstrations.


TechSolutions Inc. aims to:

  1. Generate qualified leads for their new project management tool.
  2. Schedule product demonstrations with interested potential customers.
  3. Gather feedback from initial calls to refine their marketing strategy.
Norango’s Approach
  1. Campaign Planning and Strategy:
    • Target Audience Identification: Norango collaborates with TechSolutions to identify the target audience, focusing on SMEs in specific industries that would benefit from the project management tool.
    • Script Development: Norango creates a calling script designed to introduce the product, highlight its key features, and persuade potential customers to schedule a demo.
    • CRM Integration: TechSolutions provides access to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track interactions and follow-ups.
  2. Training and Preparation:
    • Agent Training: Norango trains their agents on the specifics of TechSolutions’ product, including its unique selling points and common objections.
    • Mock Calls: Agents conduct mock calls to ensure they are well-prepared and confident before the campaign launch.
  3. Campaign Execution:
    • Outbound Calling: Norango begins the outbound calling campaign, reaching out to the targeted list of SMEs.
    • Lead Qualification: Agents qualify leads based on interest level, company size, and decision-making authority.
    • Demo Scheduling: For interested prospects, agents schedule product demonstrations with TechSolutions’ sales team.
  4. Data Collection and Analysis:
    • Call Data Logging: All call details, including outcomes and follow-up actions, are logged in TechSolutions’ CRM.
    • Feedback: Feedback is collected from prospects on their initial impressions, needs and concerns.
  5. Reporting and Refinement:
    • Weekly Reports: Norango provides weekly reports to TechSolutions detailing call outcomes, lead quality, and feedback.
    • Strategy Adjustments: Based on the feedback and initial results, Norango and TechSolutions refine the calling script and targeting criteria.
  1. Lead Generation:
    • The campaign generated 300 qualified leads within the first month.
    • Out of these leads, 150 product demos were scheduled with the TechSolutions sales team.
  2. Sales Pipeline Growth:
    • 30% of the demos led to follow-up meetings, moving prospects further down the sales funnel.
    • TechSolutions closed deals with 20% of the prospects who attended the demos, resulting in a significant increase in their customer base.
  3. Market Insights:
    • Feedback collected during calls provided TechSolutions with valuable insights into potential customers’ needs and preferences.
    • This information helped TechSolutions refine their marketing messages and product positioning.
  4. Operational Efficiency:
    • Norango’s efficient call handling and lead qualification process ensured high productivity.
    • Real-time data integration with TechSolutions’ CRM streamlined the sales process and improved follow-up efficiency.
Challenges and Solutions
  1. Challenge: Initial low response rate from cold calls.
    • Solution: Norango adjusted the calling times and personalized the approach based on initial call feedback, improving the response rate by 20%.
  2. Challenge: Prospects’ reluctance to commit to a demo without more information.
    • Solution: Norango provided agents with additional collateral, such as case studies and whitepapers, to share with prospects during calls.
  3. Challenge: Aligning the outbound calling strategy with TechSolutions’ evolving sales strategy.
    • Solution: Regular strategy sessions between Norango and TechSolutions ensured alignment and allowed for quick adjustments to the campaign as needed.

Norango’s outbound call centre services effectively supported TechSolutions Inc. in launching their new project management tool. The strategic planning, thorough training, and real-time adjustments resulted in a successful lead generation campaign, increased sales pipeline, and valuable market insights. This typical scenario showcases Norango’s capability to deliver targeted, efficient, and impactful outbound calling services, helping clients achieve their business objectives.

Contact centre pricing plans


£29.95 / month

Give your callers a professional first impression and make sure you never miss a call.

  • UK area phone (local) number
  • 25 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)
  • 25 connected (patched transfer) calls

  • 30 days rolling contract
  • Office hours 9 am – 6 pm Mon-Fri

  • 14 days FREE trial

Small Business

£99.95/ month

If you want to extend your opening hours this plan will enable you to support clients 24/7.

  • UK geographical number (your area code)
  • 50 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)
  • 50 connected  (warm transfer) calls

  • 30 days rolling contract
  • 24 hours – 365 days
  • 30 day FREE trial


£499.95 / month

24 hour customer 1st line support or general assistance, resolving issues on the first call.

  • UK geographical number (your area code)
  • 500 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)

  • 75 connected (warm transfer) calls

  • 30 day rolling contract

  • FAQs-knowledge base response

  • Dedicated account manager

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