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Our products and systems are sold in over 120 countries worldwide!

We are a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of products and systems for use in respiratory care, acute care, and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Our products and systems are sold in over 120 countries worldwide. We need to be available at all hours for on call staff in hospitals and other medical institutions, who may need our products urgently. Our calls need to be dealt with and handled the same way we would handle them ourselves. Having been a happy client of Norango’s for several years we have found that we can fully trust them to do just that. Urgent enquiries are always dealt with efficiently and correctly. We would certainly recommend Norango’s services as they are extremely reliable. Whatever your expectations and specific needs are, Norango will be sure to meet them

Barbara Sherry, Fishet & Paykel

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The Role of Contact Centres in Modern Healthcare

In today’s digital age, the role of contact centres in healthcare has evolved.

They’re no longer just about answering calls. Modern contact centres play a crucial role in enhancing patient experience, managing patient data, and even supporting healthcare marketing efforts. They can also handle a variety of communication channels, from phone calls and emails to live chat and social media. This multi-channel approach ensures patients can reach out via their preferred method of communication. In essence, outsourced contact centres act as a vital link between healthcare providers and their patients, ensuring smooth and efficient communication.

Some of the things we do for Healthcare companies:

  • Liaising with medical recruitment agencies to supply staff, nurses or carers 24 hours to cover absences.

  • If staff are running late/don’t turn up – we liaise with the staff and the home/hospital to keep everyone updated

  • Dealing with responses to job adverts, taking candidates through the on boarding process, helping to fill out CVs/employment forms and also filtering CVs for the client. Arranging interviews/booking appointments and diary management

  • Out of hours – arranging taxis/transport etc to and from work for the workers, also dealing with staff shortages/sickness/absences and liaising with an on-call throughout the night to ensure the client is not left with no staff.

  • Prioritising urgent and non-urgent calls and ensuring the urgent calls are passed over to the on-call Dr. (following a rota). If the call cannot be put through then we follow call trees/escalation to ensure the medic is transferred to a Dr. these can be life threatening circumstances and have to be handled as quickly as possible. (Similar to a 111/999 call handling service).

  • Dealing with medical emergencies for workers who are working off shore.

  • First point of contact for all IT issues/breakdown of machines within hospitals. Following basic FAQs to try and resolve these issues and if not ensuring correct info is taken, booking an on-call engineer to attend the site asap. In some instances if the scanners/X-ray machines are not working properly this can result in a whole day of cancelled appointments.

  • Provide breathing apparatus/supplies to care homes/private individuals and hospitals. Everything from processing their orders but mainly dealing with out of hour’s calls should these machines fail and ensuring the correct on-call is called and replacement supplies are sent out immediately. Again life/death as involves breathing apparatus/masks etc.

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Contact centre pricing plans


£29.95 / month

Give your callers a professional first impression and make sure you never miss a call.

  • UK area phone (local) number
  • 25 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)
  • 25 connected (patched transfer) calls

  • 30 days rolling contract
  • Office hours 9 am – 6 pm Mon-Fri

  • 14 days FREE trial

Small Business

£99.95/ month

If you want to extend your opening hours this plan will enable you to support clients 24/7.

  • UK geographical number (your area code)
  • 50 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)
  • 50 connected  (warm transfer) calls

  • 30 days rolling contract
  • 24 hours – 365 days
  • 30 day FREE trial


£499.95 / month

24 hour customer 1st line support or general assistance, resolving issues on the first call.

  • UK geographical number (your area code)
  • 500 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)

  • 75 connected (warm transfer) calls

  • 30 day rolling contract

  • FAQs-knowledge base response

  • Dedicated account manager

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