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Always there in an emergency

As a travel company we are faced with emergency situations worldwide. Norango are able to assist urgently with our request to change our requirements and at very short notice. This enabled us to provide a bigger team for affected travellers. The whole team are always so helpful and friendly. Thanks so much


 Looking to enhance your customer service? Our call centre service is here to save the day! Say goodbye to missed calls and hello to happy tenants and landlords. Find out how we can level up your customer support game!

The necessity of 24/7 support for estate and letting agents

The real estate industry is a 24/7 business. Property inquiries and issues can arise at any time. Having a call centre that operates round-the-clock is crucial. It ensures immediate response and resolution.

This availability can significantly impact lead capture and conversion rates. It can also enhance customer satisfaction. In short, 24/7 call centre services are not just an add-on. They are a necessity in today’s real estate landscape.

Advantages of Round-the-Clock Call Centre Support

24/7 call centre services offer numerous benefits. They can be a game-changer for real estate and letting agencies. One key advantage is increased customer satisfaction. Clients appreciate immediate response and resolution. This can lead to positive reviews and referrals.

Another benefit is improved lead capture and conversion. Quick response times can make a difference in a competitive market. Lastly, these services can handle high call volumes during peak seasons. This ensures smooth operations and satisfied customers.

Things we do for estate and letting agents

  • Taking new booking enquiries and in putting onto client’s portal

  • Dealing with existing guest queries/assisting with check in/directions to the property – key codes etc
  • Searching for existing bookings
  • Resending the booking confirmation details to the guest
  • Dealing with emergencies i.e. guest locked out from apartment/room not cleaned/no heating/water etc

  • Calling the apartment operator/emergency contact on behalf of the guest to get situations resolved
  • Following up with the guest to confirm the issue is resolved/they are back in and happy
  • Escalating to the client on-call if its an emergency and we are unable to resolve it and also assist in finding alternative accommodation
  • Take the prospective tenant through the vetting process for all rentals using the clients portal

  • Arranging viewings/cancellations

  • Assisting tenants in filling out their applications

  • Dealing with existing tenants queries/issues with the property

  • Dealing with landlords in the same way and keeping them happy for the client

  • Sales – dealing with the negotiations of the sale of properties/taking the relevant info and dealing with offers as well as providing the potential buyer with all the correct info.

30 day’s call centre services for FREE.

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Contact centre pricing plans


£29.95 / month

Give your callers a professional first impression and make sure you never miss a call.

  • UK area phone (local) number
  • 25 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)
  • 25 connected (patched transfer) calls

  • 30 days rolling contract
  • Office hours 9 am – 6 pm Mon-Fri

  • 14 days FREE trial

Small Business

£99.95/ month

If you want to extend your opening hours this plan will enable you to support clients 24/7.

  • UK geographical number (your area code)
  • 50 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)
  • 50 connected  (warm transfer) calls

  • 30 days rolling contract
  • 24 hours – 365 days
  • 30 day FREE trial


£499.95 / month

24 hour customer 1st line support or general assistance, resolving issues on the first call.

  • UK geographical number (your area code)
  • 500 inbound call minutes (minutes over £1.50)

  • 75 connected (warm transfer) calls

  • 30 day rolling contract

  • FAQs-knowledge base response

  • Dedicated account manager

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