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Norango is absolutely amazing!

Nothing is ever too much trouble and they are always incredibly responsive to last-minute needs. The team make my life so much easier when we introduce a new process or product, they suggest what is needed and almost as if by magic everything is set up on their end to support my business.

This is the best call centre I have ever used!

They are extremely professional, accommodating and efficient. They listen to their clients needs and go the extra mile to make sure their service suits your requirements . The call centre staff are fantastic and polite. I would highly recommend them for both price and service.

Jacqui, Orb Marketing
Reliability, flexibility and peace of mind!

I use Norango as the call centre for two major infrastructure projects as an extension to the internal project team. They are reliable, flexible and give peace of mind, particularly when we have 24/7 ongoing construction works that need a full time availability and in case of an issue that needs rapid response.

Sue Vincent

Norango Reviews

Norango reviews are here.

“Customer service runs through our veins, it’s our specialist subject and something we are very good at.”

Our service revolves around you. We work best when we work in partnership with our clients, after 27 years in the industry it would be fair to say we are experts in front-line customers service delivery, this level of expertise combined with our dedication to getting things right means you can solely focus on your own expertise to drive your business forward.

We are committed to First Call Resolution (FCR)

First call resolution, or FCR, is a key metric in customer service. It measures the percentage of customer issues that are resolved during the first interaction.

This could be a phone call, email, or chat session. The goal is to solve the problem without the need for follow-up contacts.

But why is FCR so important? Let’s break it down:

  • It enhances customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate quick and efficient solutions.
  • It boosts customer loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to stick around.
  • It reduces operational costs. Resolving issues on the first contact saves time and resources.
  • It improves agent morale. Successful resolutions can boost confidence and job satisfaction among your support team.

Why FCR Matters for Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is all about meeting or exceeding customer expectations. And what do customers expect? They want their issues resolved quickly and efficiently. That’s where FCR comes in. When a customer’s issue is resolved on the first contact, it creates a positive experience. This positive experience can lead to increased customer satisfaction. And satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal customers. In other words, high FCR rates can contribute to a great customer experience.

The Impact of FCR on Service Excellence

Service excellence is about delivering high-quality service consistently. And FCR plays a crucial role in this. When you resolve issues on the first contact, it shows that you value your customers’ time. It demonstrates that you’re committed to providing efficient and effective service. Moreover, high FCR rates can also boost your team’s morale. When your team can resolve issues quickly, it can increase their confidence and job satisfaction.In short, FCR is not just a metric. It’s a reflection of your commitment to service excellence.

Leave it to the experts

Our standard service level (SLA) is 95% of calls answered within 18 seconds (6 rings). This is achieved by a well trained ,flexible and highly motivated team backed by the latest technology. We are confident that we can improve your customer service delivery whilst saving you money, time and hassle. Take aa look at our comparison page so we can convince you.

Great people brings great customer service.

We have 27 years of experience in handling calls for companies just like yours and are pioneers in the provision of Cloud Contact Centre Services so, unlike “old fashioned” physical call centres, we (or our customers) don’t suffer from such issues as high staff turnover and the quality problems faced by being restricted to a small, local and generally static employment catchment.

In fact, we are proud to say that most of the team has been with us for a number of years and know our clients inside out. The people who are answering your calls are happy and enjoy representing you. We make sure the best people are representing your brand, no matter what time of day. All you need to do is relax, knowing your company is in safe hands.

Smart People

Often educated to degree level many of our fast growing network of virtual assistants are skilled administrators, translators, marketeers and business owners; so rest assured you will receive sensible, legible information, presented to you in the format you require. We encourage all of our passionate and dedicated people to use their skills and go the extra mile for our clients, making sure the customer experience is the highest possible.

By removing the daily commute we can offer all of our team complete flexibility when choosing their hours. This means that no one gets burnt out or has to work at a time that conflicts with a prior engagement or other commitment. The result is that you will always be represented by someone who has chosen to work with Norango and will enjoy working for you. We have never had to rely on limited candidate lists or been faced with agents who have no desire to do their job. In fact we have discovered quite the opposite. By allowing people to choose when they work a strong sense of belonging and personal accountability has developed. Our current clients know how well we do this. Wouldn’t you like to find out?

Informed staff informing your customers.

Knowing about you is what we do best. All of our team subscribe to an interactive learning area which includes procedure manuals and detailed quizzes on our clients. Our peer led training methods include a mixture of traditional and modern techniques to ensure your business is represented in the best possible way. Our intelligent enquiry methods and comprehensive soft skills training will not only boost your current service, they will also help improve your profile and brand position. With a talented team handling your inbound or outbound business needs you will see an improvement in those all important statistics.

Carbon conscious

From the very beginning, the environment was our main concern. By keeping it at the forefront of all of our activities, our business model sets a new standard when it comes to providing customer service solutions to a myriad of different business sectors. By aligning your brand with Norango you can begin leaping towards your own waste reduction targets. You can then enjoy the increased revenue your improved ratings will bring.

A++ without the effort.
By taking advantage of the latest in technology, our cloud contact centre is truly paperless, producing less than 1% of the emissions associated with a traditional answering service. This means we can focus on providing our clients with the best level of service whilst, all the time, passing the savings directly onto them.

We won’t be beaten on price!

We guarantee to be cheaper than the established market leader whilst being a staggering 99% better for the environment. Whether you want to open your doors a little longer, provide 24 hour support to your users or take advantage of our incredible first call resolution statistics. We can tailor a solution directly to your needs and help you do your bit for the environment.

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